Foundation Calisthenics

follow along workouts - Live + on-demand

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Lesson series
  • Coaches: Jacko, Owen, Georgie + Jude
  • Level: Beginner
  • Interactive + supportive
  • Weekly live workouts
  • 18+ Workouts in the on-demand library
Join our expert coaching team either live or watch back on demand for follow along workouts that will help you to move better, get strong + have more fun with calisthenics and bodyweight training. These include both calisthenics + yoga workouts.
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Classes are available to all members as part of a subscription package. If you're not yet a member we'd love to give you 7 days free to join your first class and explore the rest of the incredible training programmes we have inside the Virtual Classroom.
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To watch a workout at another time just select one from the on-demand library. Workouts you have done before are marked with a red tick.
the coaches

meet the team

Georgie Gabriel
Georgie is a Yoga instructor, Personal Trainer and former CrossFit box owner. She has an incredible balance of movement and strength abilities and is a fantastic and passionate coach.
Owen Jackson
Owen is a qualified PT continually exploring new practices in a quest for growth. With a genuine passion for calisthenics and a firm belief in the symbiosis of mind and body, he finds bodyweight training offers a complete package. 
Jude McLaughlin
Jude is a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and yoga teacher with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She believes everyone can be strong and move well, regardless of their training background or ability.