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  • Coaches: Tim + Jacko
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Webinars + Podcasts Overview
This is where the education and knowledge development happens through our webinars and lectures. V.I.P members also get exclusive access to join us live on our podcast and ask questions direct to our esteemed guests.
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About Webinars + Podcasts
Developing a better understanding of applied exercise science and training theory will have a considerable positive effect on your progression and results. 
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the coaches

meet the team

tim stevenson

co-founder + coach
Tim has been a professional strength and conditioning coach working with elite athletes since 2008. He is a UK Strength and Conditioning Association Accredited (UKSCA) coach and has a Masters of Research in Exercise Physiology.

david jackson

David ‘Jacko’ Jackson was a professional rugby player for 14 years and now also a UKSCA coach. He has a Masters in Engineering, a PGCE in teaching and certifications in sports nutrition and psychology.